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Kindergarten Curriculum

Milpitas Montessori School offers students in the kindergarten an advanced academic curriculum:

  • Math:

  • Reading:

  • Spelling:

  • Language:

  • Cultural
A. Decimal System
 1. Decimal system layout—association of quantity with number up to thousand
 2. Importance of zero in decimal system
 3. Understanding of three arithmetic operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication
B. Arithmetic Operations
 1. Addition—involving three addends, memorization of addition facts 1-18
 2. Subtraction—concept and process of subtraction using two digit numbers, borrowing, and subtraction facts 1-18
 3. Multiplication—concept and process of multiplication
C. Cardinal and ordinal numbers 1-10 (1st-10th)
D. Roman Numerals 1-10
E. Money—cents, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars
F. Geometry—vocabulary and concepts
 1. Lines
 2. Angles
 3. Names of the shapes of plane figures
 4. Solids
G. Measurements
 1. Linear
H. Clock—telling time by quarter past, half past, and quarter to the hour
I. Calendar

A. Phonic Analysis Skills
B. Word attack process
 1. Sounding out words
C. Reading—appreciation and comprehension
 1. Recognizing main idea and characters
 2. Recall sequence or information
 3. Summarize
 4. Identify written styles—poetry, fairy tales, fables, fiction, and non-fiction
 5. Oral reading—attention to interpretive reading and clear diction
D. Vocabulary Development
 1. Synonyms, homonyms, and antonyms
 2. Introduction to dictionary usage

A. Phonetic words with short and long vowels
B. Consonant diagrams: ch, sh, th, wh
C. Other combinations: oo, ou, ow, ew, aw, sq, qu, ey, ay, ng, kn, er, ir, or, ur
D. Sight words
E. Compound words

A. Written Language
 1. Identify and use complete sentences
 2. Introduction to sentence parts- noun and verbs
 3. Use of upper case letters in proper nouns, I and sentence beginnings
 4. Punctuation—period, apostrophe and comma
 5. Simple compositions
 6. Common and proper noun, singular and plural
 7. Other skills from workbooks and ditto papers

A. Science
 1. Botany—parts of a plant: root, leaf, and flowers
 2. Zoology—living and non-living
  a) Simple classification of animal kingdom, invertebrates and vertebrates
  b) Recognitions of different parts of animals of fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals
 3. Solar System
 4. Earthquakes, rocks, and volcanoes
B. Geography
 1. Continents
 2. Oceans
 3. Different landforms and rivers
C. History and Social Sciences
 1. Different cultures and people in community
 2. History though holidays