Milpitas Montessori School

Milpitas Montessori School
1500 Yosemite Drive, Suite 12
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 263-0991


Milpitas Montessori School was founded in 1975. It was the first Montessori school to open its doors in the city of Milpitas.


At Milpitas Montessori School, children experience an enriched Montessori approach under the guidance of experienced and caring teachers. The program is individualized, recognizing each child's unique pattern of growth, talents, and needs. Milpitas Montessori School will operate with the principles, objectives, and methods laid down by the late Dr. Maria Montessori, the originator of the Montessori school of thought.

At Milpitas Montessori School, teachers help children acquire the attitudes, skills, and habits necessary for them to function as creative members of a democratic society. Students are provided a stable and secure environment in which to learn and grow. We utilize children's natural curiosity to help them discover the joy of learning. Our children develop inner-discipline, that is to say, to develop control over their own behavior. Our teachers help children become mature, self-reliant, and responsible individuals.

Special Recognition

We strive to be the best school out there and it shows! Milpitas Montessori School has been voted "Best Private School" in Milpitas by the residents of Milpitas four years in a row.