Milpitas Montessori School

Milpitas Montessori School
1500 Yosemite Drive, Suite 12
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 263-0991

Preschool Curriculum

Milpitas Montessori School offers preschoolers an advanced academic curriculum:

  • Practical Life:

  • Sensorial:

  • Math:

  • Language:

  • Botany:

  • Zoology:

  • Geography:
buttoning, folding, zipping, sorting, pouring, spooning, cutting, scissors/knife, using tweezers.

sorting (by color and shape), size discrimination, five senses.

a) Numbers - counting to 100, symbols to 20, quantities to 20, writing numbers 0-20, single-digit addition, subtraction (understand concept), time to the hour, identify ordinals, place value.
b) Geometry - shapes, geometric solids, patterns, polygons.

know all letters both by name and phonetic sound, forming all letters properly lower case, writing first name properly, blending sounds, forming/reading 3-letter phonetic words, know some sight words, color words, days, months, rhyming words, communication skills.

life cycle of plants, know fruits and vegetables, parts of trees and flowers.

know living and non-living characteristics, vertebrate, invertebrate, metamorphosis of butterflies and frogs.

continents, basic landforms, islands, lakes, hemispheres.